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Many individuals are not aware the poor dentist hygiene.

In their October 1st issue, New York Magazine conducted a test of ?Bad Breath Quick Fixes.? They also tested those little breath odor meter gizmos you sometimes see advertised on-line. Here is what they found out:

#1: Those ?Bad Breath Checker? meters you can buy for a few bucks aren?t worth the price of shipping. According to tests conducted by the reviewer, they don?t accurately measure the strength or ?offensive quality? of an odor. view publisher site

#2: The only mouthwash that produced breath that smelled ?IRRESISTIBLE? according to actual human beings and their noses was TheraBreath Oral Rinse! Even breath mints or fast dissolving strips didn?t produce this effect.

But don?t just take our word for it (we are, admittedly, a little biased). Read the article for yourself. Please make sure to click on the ?Mouthwashes? tab to see what the New York Magazine reviewer and his wife thought of our mouthwash. (Spoiler alert: she said she?d be happy if he used TheraBreath Oral Rinse all the time).

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